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Pasta Bowls

Celebrate casual dining with the perfect pasta bowls. Showcase every ingredient with playful designs. Utilize heat-resistant materials and wide rims for easy carrying. Function and style blend together with every bowl, making meals memorable. And options like stone, porcelain and bone china ensure that every piece survives trips to the dining room.

A hearty meal can become messy. Find relief then with stone pasta bowls. Consider options from Denby, which boast durable materials and an easy to clean sensibility. Shove items into dishwashers, ovens or even freezers: they maintain their strength in all conditions. Carry them without fear of burns (stoneware tempers heat, ensuring a comfortable grip). Cook and eat now from the same bowl, reducing chaos in the kitchen. Denby also offers rich colors, geometric patterns and acrylic glazes, though, to accent any table. 

Heaping pasta into bowls can prove challenging, if only because heavy sauces overwhelm weak materials. Choose porcelain bowls to withstand every meatball then. Consider Royal Doulton options. Sturdy ceramics promote easy cleaning with non-stick coatings. Deep frames hold countless noodles without succumbing to the strain. And raised edges reduce spilling. Couple that with solid stains and sleek textures for looks that impress. Royal Doulton brings timeless style to the dining room.

Exceptional beauty can still be practical. Consider bone china bowls from Waterford. Elegant shapes emphasize every ingredient. Chic patterns contrast striking white bases. Bone china is durable, however, and less prone to breakage than its porcelain counterparts. It also boasts a hand-wash convenience, needing only a simple cloth to free it from stains. Waterford bowls offer fashionable function.

Pasta bowls bring more than noodles to the table. Discover the beauty (and resilience) of stoneware, porcelain and bone china. Indulge in sauce without a fear of stains. Find these items, as well as other serveware options, today at Macy’s.