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Natural Makeup

The natural makeup movement is here, and it’s here to stay. Explore makeup made with the natural ingredients you want without those extra ingredients you don’t—they’re all paraben, phthalate and sulfate-free.

Where do you start your natural makeup journey? Stock up on skincare infused with natural ingredients like soothing essentials oils, detoxifying charcoal, nourishing avocado, brightening lemon and more. Put together a skincare regimen including a cleanser, mask, peel, moisturizer, serum and sunscreen. There’s an option for every skin type and skin concern.

After you’ve perfected your canvas, it’s time to focus on natural makeup. Let’s start with beauty products for the face. Even out your complexion using a foundation or tinted moisturizer. From light coverage to full-coverage, there are liquid, powder and cream foundations to match your preference. If you want a complete line of face makeup, then go ahead and pick up concealer, contour, blush and highlighter.

Want to play up the eyes? Shift your focus on eye makeup including eye shadow, eyeliner, mascaras, eyebrow pencils and more. Pick up eye shadow palettes infused with ingredients like Amazonian clay, caffeine and antioxidants. And don’t forget your lips. Whether it’s a lip balm, lipstick or lipgloss, natural lip products focus on hydration. You’ll find lots of lip products infused with natural picks like coconut oil, peppermint, aloe and beeswax.

Hey, natural woman! Shop for natural makeup and natural skincare products from your favorite brands, at Macy’s.

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