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New Beauty & Makeup Products

Get your hands on new beauty and makeup products at Macy’s! Here are some new products you can expect to see:

Makeup. Stay up-to-date with the latest makeup releases. It seems like there’s always a new range of makeup for the face, lips and eyes to explore—think fresh, formulas new shades and pigments.

Beauty Tools. Application is key when it comes to putting on makeup. Update your collection of beauty tools with new makeup brushes and applicators. You’ll find brushes to help blend your foundation, layer your eyeshadow and get a precise layer of lip color.

Skincare. Incorporate new skincare products into your routine. Find the latest cleansers, moisturizers, masks and more! Keep your skin type and skin concerns in mind when making your final choices.

Bath & Body. Freshen up with bath and body products to help keep your skin looking it’s best. Shop new soap, shower gel, lotion, hand cream and more.

Perfume. Update your scent library with a new perfume. We’ve rounded up the new scents that hit the right notes, whether you prefer floral, fruity, musky or clean scents. It’s nice to have different perfumes in your collection to wear for various occasions—think one for daytime and one for evening.

Keep checking back for more! Macy’s is your go-to beauty destination! Shop for new beauty and makeup products, plus new skin care and nails, too.