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  • sleep solutions, we've got the smartest mattress and bedding technologies so you can sleep soundly night after night
    cooling technology. Moisture wicking designs help alleviate hot temperatures. Look for mattresses that dispel heat and choose lightweight sheets and comforters. Heating technology. For cooler sleepers, layer on cozy comforters and heated blankets. Pay attention to comforter weight and find one that transitions from season to season. allergy and asthma relief. Skip the sneezing caused by dust and dirt and throw a hypoallergenic mattress and pillow protector into your sleep lineup. body support. One third of your life is spent sleeping, so find a mattress that is plush or firm enough, then add specialized pillows, memory foam and mattress toppers. sleep environment. Where you sleep affects how well you sleep. Light, sound and air quality are all things to consider before your head hits the pillow. Add a humidifier, fan or sound machine for total snooze control.
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