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Soap Dispenser

Bars of scented bath soap are nice to have in the tub but for keeping hands clean throughout the day, a soap dispenser that uses liquid soap can be cleaner and neater and encourage everyone in the family to wash their hands more often. Sold by simplehuman, Interdesign and Skip Hop, here are several styles to consider before choosing.

First are the basic soap dispenser models, which are essentially just a bottle of liquid with a pump that is pressed to deliver the soap into a waiting hand. Though simple these work great and can be placed wherever they’re needed or even taken along on trips. A clear bottle makes it easy to see how much liquid remains, but some of the prettiest versions are ceramic and come in colors designed to match other bathroom accessories. A set with a sponge and a special holder will keep everything tidy and within reach until needed.

Next are the battery operated versions; most use a touch-free sensor to activate the unit and deliver a measured amount of cleaner. A timer and light cycle indicates when the amount of scrubbing time necessary to kill germs—most models use 20 seconds—is reached. These dispensers can be a great tool for teaching kids how to properly wash their hands. They also help regulate how much soap is used, preventing waste. Choose a counter top model or a wall mounted version and place it close to the bathroom sink so everyone can reach it.

Perhaps the ultimate container is one designed to use in the bathtub or shower: a soap and shampoo dispenser. Press the T-bar levers to choose liquid soap or shampoo in the proper amounts. Designed to attach to the wall or shower enclosure, this kind of unit can reduce the usual bathroom clutter caused by all those plastic bottles.

Help keep the bathroom clean, neat and sanitary with easy to reach soap and hand towels. Find a liquid soap dispenser today at Macy’s.