Dish Rack

There are some unavoidable realities in life, and washing the dishes, getting them clean and sparkling, and then drying them with a kitchen towel and putting them in a dish rack is one of them. Yet the key to keeping dish cleanup light and easy is in having a good quality dish rack to place them on.

It’s amazing how having the right kind of rack to put those freshly rinsed dishes on can really help make that daily chore a smooth and almost effortless operation. Is it time to mix up the cleanup with a new rack? Is it time to those cups and bowls extra clean and rinsed? Maybe it is. Let’s take a look at the many types of racks now available for keeping those dishes clean and neat and orderly.

Today’s kitchen racks are available in a wealth of different shapes and styles. Metal frame racks come in industrial designs like the stainless steel racks from the simplehuman line. These racks are great for larger cleanup jobs; they have an extra large space for cleaning and can drain directly into the sink for an extra easy cleanup.

If storage and space is an important consideration in the kitchen, some dish racks have innovative designs that allow for easy storage after the cleanup is complete. The OXO line has collapsible racks in stainless steel that provide plenty of room for drying dishes, and then fold up easily when the job is done. The Martha Stewart line has its own take on this type of design, with plastic racks that holds dishes for drying, then collapse flat to be put away in a kitchen storage unit until the next wash is needed. Suddenly, the kitchen is much roomier.

Other innovative ideas can be seen in draining racks from the Arena line. These racks for dishes come in styles that drain water from cups and dishes after they are placed upright in a concentric position. These racks also allow dishwater to drain directly into the sink.

When it’s time to brighten up and lighten up that kitchen cleanup routine, check out the new styles of dish racks and other kitchen accessories at Macy’s.