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Bundt Pan

Baking is a skill, an art and also a joyful activity. To really succeed at baking requires many things, including dedication to mixing up ingredients with ingenuity, and a passion for creating wonderful things to eat. It’s true—great bakers are also those who light up when they see the delicious cake they’ve labored over rising in a bundt pan, and who are completely transported by the wonderful scent of cookies and muffins baking in their muffin tins. Yes, this is what the joy of cooking is all about!

Baking well also involves having the right utensils for bringing that special recipe, like the one for the cake rising in the oven, to a successful completion. Though some cooks are able to use a fair amount of ingenuity in the kitchen, as far as their bakeware is concerned, there are recipes that require specific kitchen utensils in order to complete them. Like a bundt cake, for example.

A bundt cake requires a certain type of pan to really cook well and achieve the right consistency and taste. The unique “crown” shape of a bundt cake can really only be baked in a bundt pan. Otherwise, well, it’s a different kind of cake.

Experienced bakers know that using a good quality pan for baking a bundt cake is critical to producing a cake with the desired texture. That’s what makes choosing the right cookware so important. The Calphalon cookware line has bundt pans in rust-resistant, nonstick aluminized steel that produce a perfectly baked, perfectly shaped “crown” cake every time. Lines like Nordicware have their own take on the classic bundt. These special cast aluminum pans, made in a fleur de lis design, ensure even heat during cooking, for reliably excellent results. These pans deliver the delicious baked goods, every time.

For a cook who enjoys baking but doesn’t always want to start from scratch, the Nordicware line also has special bundt cake sets, that include the baking pan along with an easy to prepare cake mix.

When it’s time for the baker in the house to spruce up the kitchenware, check out the bundt pans and other kitchen accessories available. The selection is there today, at Macy’s.